Which LoL Boost is Right for You?

//Which LoL Boost is Right for You?

Which LoL Boost is Right for You?

Which Type of LoL Boost is Right for You?

A commonly overlooked part of getting a boost is the type of boost you’re getting. There’s something for everyone. The kind of boost purchased should reflect the reasons you’re looking for a boost. This way, both you and booster aren’t at a misunderstanding.
So, what kind of boosts are there? What do these boosts mean and how expensive are they when compared to each other?

Division Boost

One of the most popular boosts is a division boost. If you’re looking to get your account from Platinum II to Diamond, this is probably the boost you’ll be looking at.
The price of this boost varies depending on division, how far you want to go, and how much LP you get per win. LP gain and loss are the most important part of a division boost as it plays a major factor in how many games a booster needs to play.
Ideally, you should have a net-positive of about 3 to 5 LP before looking for a division boost. A positive LP ratio means more than just an affordable price. If your account is Gold III and you want a boost to Platinum with a negative LP gain ratio, you probably have the MMR of a Silver account. Not only will the boost require a large amount of games, but your skill level might be vastly different than the elo you’re aiming for.
However, if your account is in a good MMR radius, a division boost is a quick, easy way to get to the place you want without grinding out games with coinflip teammates!

Net Win Boost

Like a division boost, a net win boost is meant to get you to a rank higher than your current rank. However, net win boosts are usually smaller leaps in rank. Both boosts are priced off your current rank, but net win boosts don’t factor in LP gain at all.
A net win boost is the perfect way to test the waters with a rank. If you don’t have the time for a lot of games but still want to climb, this is the boost for you.
Net win boosts are also extremely difficult to detect, requiring research and effort from Riot to look deeply into your account.

Duo Boost

Duo Boosts are different in that you are getting a certain number of games with a talented player while still playing on your account. With this boost you get to voice call and learn how to pub-stomp through solo queue firsthand.
This is the perfect boost for someone looking to learn the most from the games that they play. You rarely get to play with someone far above your skill-level, let alone have them talk openly with you about a specific play. A duo boost is an opportunity to highlight your strengths and weaknesses as a player.
Along with all these benefits, a duo boost does cost more than the other boosting types. You’re also held accountable for your own agency in a game. If you go 0-20 in a game, there’s still a good chance your duo can carry you, but it won’t be fun for anyone. Going in with a growing mindset is the best way to approach a duo boost.

Figuring out the best boost for you will make things a lot easier. Hopefully, you know what to expect now! If there are ever any questions, support will walk you through anything you throw at them.
If you’re itching to get the most out of a boost, make sure to save your replays on the League of Legends client. After your 5 net wins you can check out jungle paths, trading in lane, or late-game macro calls to figure out how you can start carrying seemingly unwinnable games yourself.

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