What is VPN?

//What is VPN?

What is VPN?

Why is VPN important?

As you might have heard from the website, all of our boosters use VPN protection. But what is VPN and why do we use it? As we all know, if you play League of Legends there are many servers you can play on, which depends on your current region. (Brazil, Europe Nordic & East, Europe West, Latin America North, Latin America South, North America, Oceania, Russia, Turkey, Republic of Korea, Japan). When we are boosting an account, there is a chance that the booster is playing from another region than you are usually playing. This is where VPN comes in to the picture.

There have been some cases when RIOT banned accounts for ELO boosting. This phenomenon occurs when for example you are a bronze or silver player and you stay on those divisions steadily for some time. You are a North American player and your booster is from EU Nordic East for example. As your booster makes some serious progress on your LoL account, there is a chance that RIOT admins discover that the progress being made on your account is made by someone else from another region. As they become suspicious your account might get banned for a long time, usually permanently. To avoid this phenomenon, at EloDaddy it is obligatory to use VPN for every booster.

How does it work?

The way VPN works is quite easy. You get a client (like League of Legends) for a monthly fee (few dollars / month). When you log in you choose a location. The boosters choose the location where the boost was bought from (e.g. North America). Now the VPN client will connect to a server in North America and the booster will have an American IP address. Now its connection is hidden, RIOT would see the progress being made from the same location where the user usually plays. So there is no suspicion any more. The chance to get banned for being ELO boosted is now nonexistent. At EloDaddy.com we put a great effort into account safety in order to bring you the best LoL ELO boosting experience on the market. Needless to say that in such competitive market like ELO boosting there is no place for mistake. To achieve maximum customer satisfaction, account safety is just one factor that we place great emphasis on. To learn more about our work, check out our main page and don’t forget to read our F.A.Q section for some more, useful information!


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