Science Suggests That Twitch Can Make You A Better LoL Player

//Science Suggests That Twitch Can Make You A Better LoL Player

Science Suggests That Twitch Can Make You A Better LoL Player

5 million active viewers spend 106 minutes each watching live gaming on a daily basis on Twitch. That’s a lot of time and attention dedicated to simply watching others play video games, but there’s a payoff hidden in there somewhere. Amateur gamers can actually learn from Twitch live streams as they take notes on tactics and tricks that can help them increase their Match Making Rating, and science has proven just why Twitch streams are so popular and what makes them so effective.

Using The Sort Function To Find The Truly Inspirational Players

With some major Twitch streamers earning millions of dollars and followers each year, it’s a pretty attractive platform for novice and experienced gamers alike. In recent years, Twitch has made it easier to search for and follow your favorite League of Legends players, and even filter the search to only see streamers currently playing champions you want to watch. While this is a cool feature in and of itself, it can allow you to easily find players who are battling at a level you aspire to reach and watch them play. As a gamer looking to rise in the ranks, you’ll undoubtedly love this time-saving feature that allows you to follow only those you can learn from. And learning in real-time is often more beneficial than watching mere YouTube replays of battles, and it will help you develop your own skills as a player.

The Science Behind Watching Others Play

It wasn’t just fluff. There’s actual science to back up the claim that watching others play can make you a better gamer. Being part of a live, social experience is actually one of the biggest pulls for gamers who are aching for a real-time experience that can increase their sense of community. Google reports that, by connecting socially through Twitch, gamers are able to double their love for the activity. This is also likely why 66% of female gamers report to watching gaming videos when they want to hear from people they can relate to.  As part of this experience, Twitch allows you to easily seek out LoL gamers who do exactly what you do, only better. This is why people pay so much to go to professional sporting games and see world-class guitarists play live: they want to see someone do exactly what they love to do, only better. That’s where the real pull of live streaming is, and for League of Legends players, it’s easily found on Twitch.

LoL Boosting Helps When Needed

Sometimes you simply can’t get where you want in the time you want, and that’s an obstacle that most gamers face at some point. While Twitch is a great platform and community for gamers to participate in and learn from, sometimes you just need a little extra boost, which is what makes LoL Elo Boosting such a great strategy. From the ability to increase your respect amongst your teammates and quickly achieve the success you’re looking for in League of Legends, boosting is something you’ll definitely want to look into if you’re getting unlucky teammates.

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