New LOL Ranked System Season 9

//New LOL Ranked System Season 9

New LOL Ranked System Season 9

Riot announces a host of improvements to the Ranked play experience.

LoL’s development team has announced a raft of changes that are being made for 2019’s Ranked play.

With the new LoL season approaching, Riot Games are making a number of changes to the ranked system with the aim of making it a more rewarding experience for players.

Details are trickling in through their official LoL YouTube channel and we’ve embedded all of their latest updates below. For the purposes of our guide to upcoming changes, we’ve also taken all of the main points out of these videos and broken them down. We hope you find it helpful!

As more information about the Ranked changes is released by Riot, we’ll update this article with all of the latest information, so you have a one-stop resource for getting clued up on what’s coming down the road in competitive LoL.

UPDATE: Positional Ranks

League of Legends’ new season is almost upon us, and this means improvements to the ranked system. We’ve broken down all the new changes in the sections just below.



LoL 2019 Positional Ranks

This is Riot’s way of allowing players to pick roles which they may not be as comfortable in, but not be penalised too heavily for it. For example, you could be a Diamond midlaner, but decide to choose ADC instead, expect it’s not your strongest role. Really, you’d consider yourself a Platinum 3 at best in the botlane.

In theory, this new Positional Ranking system will help alleviate the struggle of ranking up and allow players to pick roles without bringing their team down with them.

It’s all thanks to a new system called “Splashing”. Soon, every role will gain and lose LP for each match played. Win a match as your main role, and you’ll “splash” LP onto your other roles when you win. Win a match off your main role and it’ll “splash” again, essentially ranking up your main role a little too.

If you end up losing a bunch, this new system should make it a little easier on the LP front. Simply switch to a new role for a while, which will make your overall games a little easier. If you lose, you won’t tank as much LP as you would if you were playing on your main role.

End up winning and it’ll “Splash” LP onto your main role too, so you can get back to where you were even through playing a different role.

Win a tonne on your main role and this system won’t have as much of an impact. You also won’t find Diamond or Master players playing off-roles in your Gold games. At the highest ELOs, the differences are so small that the system isn’t quite as severe.

Positional Ranking is currently rolling out in North America and Korea. It’s planned to go live for some other regions later in the year, once Riot has had a chance to evaluate the effect it’s had on the community.

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