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Duo High Elo Net Wins

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Frequently asked questions

You may choose one of our many ranked or non ranked services, where you have the option to choose between SoloQ or DuoQ. After we receive your payment and user information, we will begin the boost with one of our Master/Challenger Boosters.

It is not possible to steal accounts since every account has a specific email associated to it, that only the owner has access to, so your account is always recoverable. Regardless, we also take extreme care to ensure that your information is kept secure.

Our boosters cannot speak, under any circumstance, while in your account. Also, after your order is complete, you can leave a review for the booster. Boosters who receive negative reviews from customers will no longer be provided with orders, so they have every reason to act polite and professional while representing our company.

You can play on your account during a boosting service, but please be sure that the booster is not logged into your account. Please refrain from playing the specific ranked mode you purchased, as this conflicts with the services we are providing.

No, the shop is unavailable to all boosters unless permission is granted by you.

Unlike other sites, there is virtually no chance of a ban using our service because of the diligent measures we take to protect your account.

Our boosters’ aim is to complete a minimum division or more per day on your order.

Sure! You can either use a smurf to watch the booster or use a replay site.

No, your booster will not reply to any messages and they will not message any of your friends. The only messaging involved will be between you and your booster using the EloDaddy live chat.

Sure thing! If you only want us to win your promotion series, use our Net win calculator.

You can ask us any question through the contact form or on the website’s Live Support. We will answer them as soon as possible. For the shortest response times, please use our Live Support.

Contact us on Discord

There is our Discord ID below, please copy it and add us to your friend list.


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