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Frequently asked questions

Hey there and welcome to EloDaddy!

EloDaddy is an esports coaching and rank improvement platform. All of our employees go through an application and interview process before being accepted onto our site, and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Buy some hours (or just 30 minutes to start) with them and schedule your time! Your coach will soon confirm your lesson and reach out to you via the contact information you provide, on Discord or Skype.

Coaching lessons can be replay analysis, live game review, strategy, synergies, champion/hero matchups, gameplay mentality or even 1v1’s.

Great question!

In every sport and other high skill cap hobby activities (such as playing the violin, etc), people turn to personal or team coaches for skill improvement. Gaming is no different, a coach helps you improve the fastest and best way, with personally tailored advice, tips, and tricks.

Just try one lesson and you’ll immediately see the value of coaching and instantly notice a difference in your gameplay!

EloDaddy is a paid service (not free!) because we believe our coaches should be paid for their knowledge, skills, and time!

Coaches set their hourly rate starting at just $49/hour with up to 10% off for bulk purchase

No problem, you can either use our ticket system, Discord, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, or the live chat! We are available 24/7 on all platforms.

Contact us on Discord

There is our Discord ID below, please copy it and add us to your friend list.


Contact us on Discord

There is our Discord ID. Please copy it and add us to your friend list.