Will I get banned for LoL Elo Boosting?

//Will I get banned for LoL Elo Boosting?

Will I get banned for LoL Elo Boosting?

I could go about many reasons why you shouldn’t even ask this but I’ll keep it short, the truth is that you will NOT get banned for LoL boosting, if you receive an elo boost or if you give one as a booster.

The common conception is that RIOT will ban your account if you have a sudden climb into the divisions and your account was logged from a different IP address you will get banned.

That is not only false but it also would imply many things that RIOT would have to ban you for if that was the case like:

Imagine you go to a friend’s house who happens to be a challenger, and then he is literally behind you every game and tells you what to do and how to do it, you suddenly jump from bronze to platinum on a couple days while you stay there, then you go back to your house.

Bans for Boosting

There was an IP address change there, and there was certainly a natural rise in your division and ELO, do you consider that getting ban for such a thing would make no sense at all? Yes of course, because it doesn’t make any sense that you would get banned for that.

That is literally how you can see an Elo Boosting ban, as something that will simply not happen because they would have to change many things that would drive the game to a point where it makes no sense what so ever and you would have to actually ONLY be able to play the game from your computer from 1 IP alone for the rest of forever.

Which is why all our boosters and all the people that receive theses boosts don’t get banned, because it just makes no sense to do so, just imagine the rage if you were to play at a friend’s house and over there you raise your division and then suddenly you get back and you are banned.

There are many things despite that simple fact that we would like to tell you about, just some statistics:

From over 15400+ ELO boosts I’ve seen performed, I have not received a single report of a banned account.

With a crew of over 350 boosters we have not received a complain from any of them that their own accounts were banned.

These boosters also work for other websites and not a single one has had such problem of a ban before.

League of Legends banning for boosting


I’ll even go as far as telling you guys that while a boost is being performed, some customers log into their accounts to play some ranked games half way through the boost, disconnecting the current booster, meaning that a very sudden IP change just occurred and the account has been intact with no bans what so ever even after the booster took it back to finish the boost that the customer just ordered.

RIOT might say left and right that they have very strict policies to discourage the people that look for elo boosts, that is true, but the facts show something different, the facts show that it’s just words that don’t mean a single thing because we do this day in and day out so the reality is completely different.

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