5 Ways To Get Into Competitive Gaming

//5 Ways To Get Into Competitive Gaming

5 Ways To Get Into Competitive Gaming

League of Legends is one of the most successful MOBAs of all time, with 27 million players daily, so there is no surprise big championships are held all over the world where LoL players compete for big prizes and worldwide recognition. If you want to become a competitive player yourself, here are 5 things that you should bear in mind. Study these tips for improving your games and you will have a good chance of becoming a successful pro gamer.

Watch the pros streaming their games

Pro gamers aren’t just people who practiced for thousands of hours and gathered levels and reflexes. They think outside the box, adapt quickly and learn how to use the game’s features in creative and unsuspected ways. Watching them play on Twitch  or other streaming platforms is the best way to absorb their tricks and their innovative style of gaming. You can get inspiration and learn new things by watching them and listening to their comments while playing. Keep a notebook or tablet and take notes on their best strategies.

Practice regularly to develop your skills

This is just like any other sport: you need to play once and again, practice and get better in time. Don’t overwork it in order to prevent injury and harm to your health, but be persistent and work on your tolerance for frustration. Playing your game of choice will develop your cognitive and motor skills and make you into a more fearsome rival for the time of the championship. Pro gaming isn’t easy, but if you keep up with a training routine, you will get better and better over time.

Get good equipment

Pro gamers use the best hardware, not just because they can afford it, but in order to improve their performance in the game. Good quality pieces of tech allow a pro gamer to take full advantage of their own skills. Anatomic mouse and keyboard will help with response speed, good quality speakers will alert them to important sound cues, and a fast enough Internet connection and RAM memory will prevent lag. Good gaming equipment can be expensive, but think of it as an investment.

Learn from the community

The Internet is full of resources built by players themselves. Forums, dashboards, message boards and blogs are a treasure of information, tricks and advice that gamers share with each other in order to help the community grow and develop their gaming skills. You can contribute to these online communities and nourish yourself with their valuable guidance. No man is an island, and getting in contact with fellow gamers will help you become the best version of yourself.

Take breaks, get hydrated, exercise

Gaming can be absorbing, especially if you are passionate about it. But remember to take breaks, walk around, rest your eyes and hands. Proper hydration and an exercise routine  will help you stay healthy and keep your skills tuned. Drinking enough water makes your brain work faster and helps your attention, while physical exercise benefits your oxygenation and prevents contractures and the effects of sedentarism.

Becoming a competitive LoL player is within your reach. All you need is dedication, practice, and the right resources. Sit down in front of your computer and start your path today.

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